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The mixing board is called a pallet.

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a palette

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Q: What do you call a painter's mixing board?
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What type of color mixing do painters with real brush and paints use?


Which type of color mixing do painters with a real brush and paints use?


How does a mixing board work?

A mixing board combines the signals of several signals into one stereo or mono mix.

What do you call people that paint buildings?

building painters

What do you call the workroom for a painter?

A "studio" is a painters workroom.

What kinds of occupations use mixing board equipment?

Occupations involving with mixing board equipment include disc jockeys, broadcast and sound engineering technicians, and audio and video equipment technicians.

What kind of mixing board does Skrillex use?

Ableton live 8

What do you call a person who paints holly paintings?

I think they call them holly-painters..... Yes, that's it. A holly painter!!!

What is another name for mixing desks?

There are many different names for mixing desks. These names include "sound board", "mixing console", audio production console", "mixer" and "audio mixer".

What is an artist's mixing board called?

A palette (or pallet).

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