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Bridget Riley uses acrylics and oil paints, gouache and screenprint.

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Acrylic Paint

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acrylic paint

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Q: What does Bridget Riley use for her work?
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What did people think of Bridget Riley's work?

hadid the public think about bridget riley

Where was Bridget riley born?

Bridget Riley was born in London.

What media did Bridget riley use?

i think she used all of them

In what countries did Bridget Riley work?

She is a londoner, and besides traveling she works in London.

What do Bridget Riley and Hundertwasser have in common in both of their art work?

I cannot see that Riley and Hundertwasser have anything at all in common.

When did Bridget riley make acrylic on linen?

when did bridget Riley make the picture of acrylic on linen

Did Bridget Riley die?

Bridget Riley Hasn't died yet she is 86 and was born in 1931

Who influenced Bridget Riley?

Bridget Riley got influenced by her teacher, her teacher directed her to study the art of Seurt.

Was Bridget Riley alive in the world war?

Please specify which Bridget Riley you are referring to and which war you want to know about. If you are referring to the artist Bridget Riley she was alive during World War 2. She was born in 1935. If you want to know about another Bridget Riley you will need to resubmit your question with the specifics. Thanks.

What are the 10 most facts about Bridget Riley?

Bridget riley is an optical illusion artist .she paints pictures for dosorientating the eye

What is the theme of Bridget Riley's art?

Bridget Riley's main theme is Optical Art, also known as Op. Art

When did Bridget Riley get famous?

In the 1960s.