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i think i remember hearing its an N for his wifes name. Nancy i believe

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Q: What does Thomas Kinkade put in all his paintings?
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Where is the number located on a Thomas Kinkade painting?

Artists did NOT number their paintings as a rule! The only numbers that sometimes appear on the back of paintings are those that have been put on there by an auction house when the item went through one of their sales.

Is Thomas Kinkade known as 'The Painter of Light'?

Yes, Thomas Kinkade is known as "The Painter Of Light" because the light in his paintings is incredible, and they look like a picture.--My Mom Owns TWO Thomas Kinkades.She had it highlightened by his professional highlighter.He said he is called that because everytime he paints a picture, he puts light in the windows to reprsent God's glory.And He ALWAYS put some kind of light in there.So He is Known as PAINTER OF LIGHT.(:--Embear98

How can you find older thomas kinkade teleflora series?

Currently at All Your Events Floral & Gifts you can get the every year. We offer shipping as well. You can contact at 573-765-3986 or on our website: just click the contact tab and put Thomas Kincade in the subject line. Hope this is helpful.

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How many drawings did Leonardo da Vinci draw?

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