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The word "rubenesque" is an adjective to describe human beings, especially women, as heavyset, plump, or voluptuous. The word is derived from the work of Peter Paul Rubens, a Baroque painter, who is famous for painting heavyset women.

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Q: What does the word 'rubenesque' means?
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What is meant by a Rubenesque figure?

fleshly and voluptuous

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The word is "Rubenesque" meaning pulchritudinous. The word refers to the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) which often contained images of full-figured women.

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The term "Rubenesque" is used to describe a woman who is full-figured or plump, typically with voluptuous curves resembling those portrayed in the paintings of the artist Peter Paul Rubens. The term celebrates and appreciates larger body types.

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