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Q: What famous person helped Leonardo with his plan?
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Which famous artist who gave the town plan of imola made a painting using oil on populous and became one of the first painters to use in his painting?

leonardo la vinci

Did Leonardo da Vinci make jewelry?

Yes he did plan it

In The Dawes Plan of 1924 helped Germany by .?

The Dawes Plan helped lower the payments on war debt

What plan helped set up the US senate?

Connecticut Plan.

Leonardo da Vinci created what kinds of artworks?

Paintings and drawings. His plan for a big sculpture was not executed.

What is the plan that helped Europe economically recover after World War 2?

Marshall Plan

What effect did the marshall plan have on the economy?

It helped expand it

What deal helped to win support Alexander Hamilton's debt plan from southern states?

what deal helped to win the support for alexander hamilton's debt plan from southern states

What helped stimulate the economies and industrial growth of western Europe after the war.?

marshall plan

What person opposed Hamilton's financial plan?

the person who opposed Hamilton's plan was thomas Jefferson

What helped rebuild the countries of western Europe?

Marshall Plan!

What helped rebuild with 13billion dollars after ww11?

Marshall plan