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Grandma Moses

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Q: What famous woman painter started painting because her fingers had become too stiff for embroidering?
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Remedios Varo what was she embroidering in the terrestrial mantle?

the embroidering in the terrestrial mantel by Remedios Varo was Inspired by her two husbands. this was her last painting and the husbands were that one of them was a severly poet and the other was a painter. she had a heart attack from all of her stress and suffers from cheating on her husband with another. thenk you i am so awesome.

When did Pablo Picasso start painting and how old was he then?

he started painting because his dad was a painter he started at a young age he started painting because his dad was a painter he started at a young age

Why did Picasso start painting?

because his father was a painter.

Who is the first ever painter?

cave men, using ash and fingers as the first painting materials, or something like that anyway

Why did Michelangelo wanted to be a painter?

Michelangelo did not want to be a painter, he wanted to be an sculptor. He painted because he was commissioned to do so but he disliked painting.

Does a painting of a painter count as a painting?

It certainly does.

Why did the painter not notice his wife declining health in poethe oval portrait?

the painter did not notice his wife' declining health because he was to fixated on creating his painting of her.

What is the famous painting of a painter depicting himself at work?

Jan Vermeer is credited with painting "The Art of Painting" around 1666. It is sometimes famous as "the painting of a painter painting a painting" or so forth. (see related link for this and another)

Why did hundertwasser start painting?

i think it's because he had the talent and the encouragement to become a painter so he did.

What is a sentence for the word painter?

he was painting the house. This painting is very expensive.

Is Picasso a painting?

Picasso was a painter.

Did the painter Leonardo sell his painting?