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Gentile da Fabriano.

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Q: What fifteenth century Italian artist work showed the most influence of the International Style?
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What was the most preeminent Italian city state in the fifteenth century?


What was the discovery that triggered the flowering of Italian painting in the fifteenth century?

The linear perspective.

What family had a great influence in florence during the fifteenth century?

The Medici family were dominant in Florence from the 15th century up to the 18th century.

What is '15th century' when translated from English to Italian?

Il quindicesimo secolo is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "fifteenth century." The masculine singular definite article, ordinal adjective, and noun translate literally as "the fifteenth century" in referring to i quattrocento("The four-hundreds"). The pronunciation will be "eel KWWEN-dee-TCHEH-zee-mo SEH-ko-lo" in Italian.

What five powers dominated the Italian peninsula in the fifteenth century?

Venice, Milan, Florence, the papal states, and the kingdom of naples

In Vampire Diaries does Stefan become human?

Stefan is a vampire, born in the Italian Renaissance during the late fifteenth century.

The first European nation to attempt to break the Italian monopoly on trade with the Far East in the fifteenth century was?

The first European nation to attempt to break the Italian monopoly on trade with the far east in the 15th century was?

In what century was ad 1440?

It was in the fifteenth century.

When did the Italian renaissance humanism start?

Humanism was a strong characteristic of the Renaissance which began in Italy early in the fifteenth century with artists like Brunelleschi and Donatello.

What century was the year 1485 ad?

Fifteenth century.

Is 1453 in fourteenth century or fifteenth century?


Is fifteenth century proper or common noun?

The word century is a common noun. The word fifteenth is functioning as an adjective (not a noun) decribing the noun century.