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Pissarro investigated different styles of painting, e.g. Impressionism and Pointillism.

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Q: What form of painting did Pissarro investigate?
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When did pissarro paint the painting chestnut trees in osny?


Where does the Camille Pissarro painting The Red House hang?

Portland, OR

Where does the Camille Pissarro painting The Towpath hang?

The Tow Path at Bougival, by Camille Pissarro, hangs in the Glasgow City Art Museum & Galleries, Scotland.

After winning a painting by Camille Pissarro in a raffle what did a local servant girl ask for instead of her prize?

The servant girl took a look at Pissarro's painting and asked the baker who'd sponsored the event if she could have a cream bun instead. Does anyone know if the identity of the painting has survived?

What is Pissarro's most famous painting?

Boulevard Montmartre, effect de nuit - 1897. is one of many

Who was MONET's artist friend and painting companion?

Among others Renoir, Sisley, Pissarro, Degas. They were the impressionists.

When was Lucien Pissarro born?

Lucien Pissarro was born in 1863.

When did Lucien Pissarro die?

Lucien Pissarro died in 1944.

What is the verb of investigation?

The verb form of "investigation" is "investigate."

What is Camille Pissarro's birthday?

Camille Pissarro was born on July 10, 1830.

When was Hugues Claude Pissarro born?

Hugues Claude Pissarro was born in 1935.

When did Orovida Camille Pissarro die?

Orovida Camille Pissarro died in 1968.