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monkeys ate his mother

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Q: What inspired Winslow Homer to paint?
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How many paintings did Winslow Homer paint in his life time?

The site Winslow Homer, the complete works, lists 481 paintings.

Did Winslow homer paint the stormy waters of the North Atlantic?


Who influenced winslow homer?

he taught him self hot to paint

Why did Winslow Homer choose to paint civil war scenes?

He was a war correspondent for Harper's Weekly.

When was Winslow Homer born?

Winslow Homer was born on February 24, 1836.

When was Winslow Homer Studio created?

Winslow Homer Studio was created in 1884.

What is Winslow Homer's birthday?

Winslow Homer was born on February 24, 1836.

When did Winslow homer learn to paint with watercolors?

Winslow Homer started with his formal art education at the age of 23 years old, after he moved to New York City and opened a studio there. Prior to this, Mr. Homer worked mostly as an illustrator, doing lithographic works with wood carving as a medium. Winslow Homer only started to paint in water color on a regular basis in 1873. This is when his artistic style fully matured and established his place in the American art history.

When did Winslow Homer begin painting?

winslow homer started painting when he was born he came out with a paintbrush

What 2 scenes did Winslow Homer love to paint?

Try this site:

What style did Winslow Homer use?

Many considered Winslow Homer a realist painter.

Is Winslow Homer considered one of the master painters?

Winslow Homer is definitely considered to be an American master.