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his most famous painting is " I and the village"

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Q: What is Marc Chagall's most famous painting?
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Franz Marc's most famous painting?

The Blue Horses.

What was Franz Marc's most famous painting?

Could be his 'Blue Horses', but there are others. _________________________________ 1.13.2009 I'd vote for "The Large Blue Horses" at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

What is Grant Wood's most famous painting?

The American Gothic is probably his most famous painting.

What painting is Picasso famous for?

His favourite painting is the Death of Casagemas.

What is paul cezzannes most famous painting?

Cezanne's most famous painting was still life with cherub.

What is the most famous painting ever?

The most famous painting ever is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

What is Gillian Ayres most famous painting?

Her most famous painting is said to be Distillation. It is said to be the most powerful and lyrical abstract painting down by a british artist.

What is Ang Kiukok's most famous painting?

kuikoks painting

What is the most famous cherub?

The most famous Cherubs are depicted in a painting by Sanzio Raphael. This famous painting by the twin Cherubs was produced in 1513 to 1514 and this oil painting is currently in a museum in Dresden, Germany.

What painting was Monet most famous for?

The painting Impression, Sunrise made Monet famous for being an impressionist.

What is Hokusai's most famous painting?

His most famous painting is called The Great Wave of Kanagawa from the collection 100 views of Mt. Fuji.

How famous is the Mona Lisa painting of Leonardo da vinci?

Extremely famous. It may be the most recognized painting that there is.