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The person could be known as a painter or as an artist.

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artist or a painter

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A painter OR an artist,

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Q: What is a person who paint pictures?
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What is to do with elephants beginning with c?

Creative. Some elephants paint pictures! Creative. Some elephants paint pictures!

How can i put videos in paint?

You can't. Paint will only accepts pictures.

What would you paint if you could?

If I could paint, I would primarily paint pictures of animals and dinosaurs.

When do people paint pictures?


What is a renaissance patron?

A patron would be a rich or famous person like a king or queen. They would usually higher an artist to paint pictures for them.

Why did egyptians paint pictures?

because they did because they did

Where did Monet get his inspiration from to paint pictures?

from his garden

What kind of pictures did Kingston paint while in kindergarten?

"She painted pictures covered in black."

What are some other purposes of paint?

Paint is an inbuilt software that comes in with Windows. Paint can draw pictures but it can edit them too.

What paint did Edgar Degas use in his famous pictures?

Oil paint and in some cases pastels.

What pictures did Hans Hobein the Younger paint?

The Ambassadors.

How many pictures did Ben Nicholson paint?