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if it is a person it is a muse

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Q: What is painter's source of inspiration called?
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What did Alexander keep as a source of inspiration?

Alexander kept a copy of the Iliad with him as a source of inspiration.

Where did northern Renaissance painters get their inspiration?

The Northern Renaissance artists, however, were scattered about and few in number initially.

WHERE did the court painters for the 16th century mughul ruler akbar draw inspiration for their illuminated manuscripts?

western paintings and prints

What are cavepainting painters called?


Who was a major source of inspiration for Cubism?

Paul Cezanne

Who was the source of Verdis inspiration for Rigoletto?

Victor Hugo

Why was the Roman Republic a good source of inspiration for the founders of the US?

the roman republic was a good source of inspiration because the =y were the one in lead and the roman got inspired by them.

What are the 80's painters caps with the flaps in the back called?

Flap caps or Painters Caps with flaps

What is wahi in islamiyat?

This is ''Wahi,'' the inspiration of prophets, the inspiration of the Quran. The recipient receives information from an unknown source and in an unknown way.

What was the source inspiration of the Oscar Best Picture nominee Traffic?

The 2000 Oscar nominated Traffic was based on a 1989 BBC mini-series called "Traffik".

Monet belonged to a group of painters called?


Can a muse be a sexuall object or person?

A muse is a source of inspiration. Generally it's a person, but I suppose it could be anything from which you drew inspiration.