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C B Barber (1845-1894) specialised in this kind of subjects: moving scenes with a child and a dog. There is no special history behind each of them. Click link below and see some of his paintings!

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Q: What is the history of A Special Pleader by Charles Burton Barber?
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Where is the original painting 'Special Pleader' by Charles Burton Barber?

i have the painting framed and signed and think it maybe the original

Where is the painting of 'A Special Pleader' by Charles Burton Barber kept?

hello my name is Jay, and i have bought a painting by Charles Burton Barber in a charity shop. its signed on the bottom right of the painting 'C Burton Barber 1893' i still do not know if this is the original painting or not and would love to get it seen by a professional but i do not where. if anyone has got any ideas please email me on

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