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The tiger riding ukelele man

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Q: What is the name of the Henri Rousseau painting of a man riding a tiger?
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What was Henri Rousseau first painting?

The first paintings Henri Rousseau made was Tiger in a Tropical Storm and you shall go nerferder .Carnival Evening, painted in 1886 was said Henri Rousseau's first painting, view this painting here:

When was Tiger in a Tropical Storm also called Surprised an oil-on-canvas painting by Henri Rousseau created?

Tiger in a Tropical Storm was created in 1891.

How many paintings did Henri Rousseau paint?

Henri Rousseau painted forty eight paintings. It is said he painted like a child, but his work showed sophistication with his technique.

How much did Henri Rousseau auction off any of his paintings for?

The painting that made the most money was the ' Tiger In A Tropical Storm'.

When was 'Tiger in a Storm' painted?

It was painted by Henri Rousseau in 1891.

Where was fight between a tiger and a buffalo by Henri Rousseau painted?


What type of paint did Henri Rousseau use on tiger in a tropical storm?

Oil paints

Who is the artist of 'The Tiger In Jungle' painting that Rolf Harris painted on one of his TV shows?


Information on Combat of a Tiger and Buffalo 1909 by Henri Rousseau?

Click link below for very good reproductions of that and other works by Rousseau. The site is in Japanese, but the pictures are good.

How many shades of green did Henri Rousseau use in his painting surprise tiger in a tropical storm?

Of course he used green color. He made several pictures with jungle scenes, lots of green.Is that really what your question is?

What childrens book in the 1980's featured a tiger in Rousseau style paintings?

I've been trying to find this book too! I hope someone can help! The book is about a tiger in a painting - i think it's about the tiger escaping the painting and roaming the art museum at night, only to return to the painting again.

What are the names of Henri Rousseau's paintings?

His is a poo His is always consapated