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Q: What is the name of thin board on which artist mixes colors for painting?
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How can the word 'palette' be used in a sentence?

A palette is the board that an artist mixes colors on or the range of colors used by that artist. Here are some sentences.She combined the two colors on her palette and began painting.He had a limited palette, using only a few colors in his paintings.The palette really needed cleaning.

An flat bored which an artist mixes paint?

The flat board is a palette.

How do you spell palette when referencing personal food tastes?

Palate is for mouth roofs and your taste sense. (your reference spelling, palette, is the spelling for an artists palette (the French-curved shaped board an artist mixes colors on)

What colors mixes into peach color?

probably orange and yellow

What light mixes together to create white light?

all the 7 colors of the rainbow i.e VIBGYOR mixes together togive white light.

When you mix a lot of colors why does it make brown?

it turns brown when you make up colors because there mixes of colors and it would not make any bright colors remember you mix them up

What is a painters board called?

An Easel.The surface, sometimes a board, but these days more often than not a piece of acrylic, hard plastic or even glass on which an artist holds and mixes paints (acrylic or oils taken from a tube), is called a palette.The stand or support that holds the surface to be painted, be it stretched canvas, artist's board, or other acceptable ground is called an easel.

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I like the use of colour in this painting, it is by far my favourite it mixes emotions and colour to create a fantastic work of art!

What color combinations form new colors?

When you mix colors together, you can create new colors through color theory. For example, mixing red and blue creates purple, mixing red and yellow creates orange, and mixing blue and yellow creates green. These new colors are known as secondary colors.

What is a food extruder?

An extruder mixes and cooks cereal ingredients in a process that also shapes and colors the mixture

What mixes with red to make blue?

Nothing. Red, Blue and Yellow are primary colors. Combinations of the three typically make the other colors like green, orange, and purple.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels usually have mixes of colors but they can have brown, black, red, and white.