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Purple Robe and Anemones is a rectangular canvas. It features a women in a purple robe sitting next to a table. On the table is a vase of red and white anemones. It was painted by Henri Matisse.

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Q: What is the shape of the painting Purple Robe and Anemones?
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Where is Henri Matisse's purple robe and anemones locates?

Baltimore Museum of Art

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Where is Henri Matisse's purple robe and anemones located?

In 1937 Lydia Delectorskaya posed for Matisse in a purple robe. At the time Matisse had no intention to paint a portrait that looked like a photograph. When accused of painting unrealistic images of women Matisse explained, "I do not create a woman, I make a picture." He readily admitted that his images were not faithful re-creations of reality. *

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