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what is the value of a painting by C. Melton

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Q: What is the value of an oil painting by C Melton?
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Who is artist CB Austin?

I cannot answer the question for certain, but I do own an oil painting signed "C B Austin" which I purchased years ago in Huron, Ohio from a woman in Berlin Heights, Ohio. The subject of this very large and beautiful oil painting is hunting dogs in the field, and is in the post impressionist style. This artist could have been a student of the Cleveland School, as there was a Cleveland School sponsored summer program in Berlin Heights, I'm told. This painting was I believe, a "fire screen", as it is painted on both sides of the canvas. The obverse side is a autumn scene of a trail through a forest in full fall foliage.

Who is the artist C Manning and where do I find his paintings online?

I have a painting by C Manning and I am trying to finsd out a little about the artist. There is a painting for sale on Ebay Paul Smith I have checked the worth of his original works. They are valued at 3600-4000. However most of his large oil paintings have sold on hipswap, and yessy for over 2k. I currently own one and it hangs in our main room. His works are becoming more collected and valuable due to his use of colors and picturesque landscapes. Cynthia Kennedy

What characteristic best describes the painting style of Spanish Baroque artist Diego Velazquez as see in Las Meninas?

Velázquez involves the viewer by creating a convincing space and eye contact with the subjects in the painting.

What Look at this painting. What system of perspective does it primarily use A. Single-point perspective B. Multiple-point perspective C. Aerial perspective D. None of the above?


Which of these statements would an impression most likely agree with Painting should create effects with A light and color B use of objects C use of portraits D age of subjects?

Painting should create effects with light and color

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What is c s bredin oil painting of boy and dog praying at his bedside worth and when was it done?

I have a simliar if not same painting ---

I have an Oil Painting of a lake with mountains in the background It's signed C Holland. Can anybody help me out on who this artist is?

C. Holland Van Suchtelen?

What is c s bredin oil painting of boy and dog praying at his bedside worth and?

is it worth anything

Where can one purchase oil painting supplies?

Oil painting supplies can be purchased at many locations. Some of these locations include retail art stores like Micheals and A. C. Moores. These supplies are also purchasable through Amazon and eBay.

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Where can you find information about an old painting by C Weeks?

where can i find information on painting by c. weeks?

Did H Hargrove paint an oil painting on canvas of a football game?

He did at least one b/c its hanging in my room. It is of a giants 49ers game.

What is the value of two paintings by C W Carson from Chicago Portrait Co?

It would be best to go to an art appraiser to learn the value of the paintings. Not every painting by an artist is valued the same.

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