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Modernism (Surrealism).

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Q: What period of Art History does Joan Miro belong to?
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What has the author Joan Miro written?

Joan Miro has written: 'Atmo sfera miro' 'Joan Miro' 'Joan Miro, recent paintings, gouaches and drawings from 1969 to 1978' 'Creacion en el espacio de Joan Miro =' 'Miro '

Where was Joan Miro born at?

Joan Miro was born in Barcelona.

Is Joan Miro a girl or boy?

joan miro is neither of them joan miro is a sloppy ploppy plop plop poo

Where did Joan miro die?

Joan Miro died in Majorca, Spain.

What are Joan Miro's favorite subjects to paint?

Joan Miro loved to paint.

Where did joan miro study?

Joan Miro studied at Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc. Joan Miro is most known as a Spanish painter and sculptor.

What year was Joan miro born?

Joan Miro was born April 20, 1893 in Barcelona.

Why should you remember Joan Miro today?

Joan Miro is a Spanish (Catalan) surrealist painter.

What was the actual date of Joan Miro born?

Joan MIRO, born April 20, 1893.

What type of paintings did Joan Miro make?

Miro was an abstract artist. The most simple answer would be; Joan Miro made abstract paintings.

Who did Joan miro marry?

Joan Miro Married a artist named Pilar Juncosa in 1929. Joan and Pilar had a daughter named Dolores. Joan Miro and Pilar Juncosa stayed married until the death of Miro in 1983, where he aged 90 years old.

What art movement did Joan miro belong to?

Joan Miro didn't have an exact movement as he went all over the place putting different ideas into his paintings and sculptures. He had lots of inspiration from different people like Van Gogh, which helped alot.

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