What piece of artwork started the Renaissance?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Gates of Paradise was the piece of artwork that started the Renaissance.

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Q: What piece of artwork started the Renaissance?
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Who is Leonardo Da Vinci?

He was a Renaissance artist, scientist, anatomist, etc. he was the painter of the piece of artwork called "mona lisa' Leonardo da vinci painted the Last Supper. He was an accomplished painter, sculptor and scientist.

How did renaissance artwork differ from medieval artwork?

Paintings before the Renaissance: people saw in only a 2 dimensional figure, but in the Renaissance, people saw art in a 3 dimensional figure. Painters in the Renaissance gave attention to body size, proportions, perspective, and detail.

What was Sandro Botticelli style of artwork?

Early Italian Renaissance.

What items where traded during the Renaissance?

Some things that got traded in the Renaissance were artwork and scientific ideas.

What started the Harlem renaissance?

what started the Harlem Renaissance?

How did Renaissance humanist thought differ from medieval thought?

Medieval times were more of a dark time where they was a lot os superstition and war but in renaissance times these people started to get more interested in artwork and more technologically advanced but there was still a lot of superstition there.

What is cityscape design?

A piece of artwork in which a city is in the background

How do you type a piece of artwork in a report?

It is usually italicized.

How much is Diego Rivera's artwork worth?

10000 each piece 10000 each piece

Which homograph means movable and a piece of artwork suspended in air?

Mobile means both movable and a piece of artwork suspended in air. They are homographs with the same spelling, but different pronunciations and meanings.

What did michealangelo do in the renaissance?

he made artwork such as paintings, sculptures, and also wrote poetry, he was very skilled

What is Leonardo da Vinci's 'Importance in History'?

He was the Renaissance man, and created artwork that is recognizable to anyone.