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The Group of Seven did impressionist paintings which meant they painted a place using only the correct colors, but exaggerating the way it looked.

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Q: What style did the group of seven paint?
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What style of art did the group of seven present?

The Group of Seven painted the Canadian Landscape their style was swirls and very little detail.

How many paintings did the group of seven paint before disbanding?

more then 6000

Why did they call themselves group of seven?

The Group of Seven were a collective of Canadian landscape painters who formed the group in 1920. The name "Group of Seven" originated from the seven founding members who worked together to promote a distinct style of painting that emphasized Canada's scenery and environment.

What did the group of seven want to achieve?

They wanted to make Canadian style of painting not Europeans

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Who were the Group of Seven?

The group of seven were painters that all loved to paint scenes of nature. The group of seven included Lawren Harris, J.E.H. MacDonald, Arthur Lismer, Fredrick Varley, Frank Johnston, Franklin Carmichel and A.Y. Jackson. However, 2 artists by the names of Tom John Thomson and Emily Carr, were not officially part of the Group of Seven. But, they were very closely associated

What style did Albert Bierstadt paint in?

He use the style luminisum.

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