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I would call it Hyper-realism (or Photo-realism).

Most people describe it as art deco

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Q: What style of painting is Jack Vettriano Waltzers?
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Can you name the artist of a famous painting of a butler holding an umbrella over a dancing couple on the beach?

The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

What is the birth name of Jack Vettriano?

Jack Vettriano's birth name is Jack Hoggan.

When was Jack Vettriano born?

Jack Vettriano was born on November 17, 1951, in Methil, Fife, Scotland, UK.

What is Jack Vettriano most known for?

Jack Vettriano is a popular painter from Scotland. His work has been criticized in some art circles as "mindless" and overly erotic, however, a painting from 1992 titled The Singing Butler became a bestselling print in the UK. The original painting sold at auction for 740,000 BPS in 2005.

Which art movement is Jack Vettriano associated with?


Who are Jack Vettriano's parents?

Kiki Dee and Bernie Winters

Who were Jack Vettriano's models?

His most famous and most beautiful model is named Genevieve Solecki.

Is Jack Vettriano an impressionist artist?

He certainly is not. He is a contemporary artist, who paints a kind of stylized realism.

Where did jack vettriano go to school?

He attended Methilhill Primary School as a child and then Kirkland High School in Methil

Who painted the picture of four spanish men walking on a beach wearing hats?

the scottish painter, jack vettriano

Does Jack vettriano have children?

he has 1 kid called= kung hey fat chu which actually means happy new year in chinsese but jack adopted him and he was chinese

What movie and television projects has Jack Vettriano been in?

Jack Vettriano has: Played himself in "The South Bank Show" in 1978. Played himself in "Breakfast with Frost" in 1993. Played himself in "Breakfast" in 2000. Played Himself - Artist in "Breakfast" in 2000. Played himself in "Artworks Scotland" in 2004. Played himself in "Sunday AM" in 2005.