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Thomas Kinkade is a very famous artist. He mostly does water colors of nature. Check out his website or books to know more.

Thomas Kinkade does a lot of paintings, and is considered to be "the painter of light". Thomas Kinkade is very well known, and has painted pictures such as: Stairway To Heaven, The Garden Of Prayer, and many more. Thomas Kinkade also has done many pictures of tourist attractions in San Fransisco, such as: Lombard Street, The City By The Bay, and many more. Please look into Thomas Kinkade more, and possibly consider buying one of his Beautiful pictures!

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Thomas Kinkade is an American painter that is known for popular realistic and idyllic subjects. His most well known pieces of art were lighthouses. and he became known as the Painter of Light.

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Q: What type of artist is Thomas Kinkade?
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What movie and television projects has Thomas Kinkade been in?

Thomas Kinkade has: Played Himself - Painter (segment "Kinkade") in "60 Minutes" in 1968. Played himself in "60 Minutes" in 1968. Played himself in "Good Morning America" in 1975. Played himself in "An American Artist: Thomas Kinkade" in 1999. Played himself in "The Artist in Nature" in 2002. Played Thomas Kinkade - 2007 in "Christmas Cottage" in 2008.

What is the birth name of Thomas Kinkade?

Thomas Kinkade's birth name is William Thomas Kinkade III.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Artist in Nature - 2002?

The cast of The Artist in Nature - 2002 includes: Thomas Kinkade as himself

What does a Thomas Kinkade Christmas tree look like?

Thomas Kinkade Christmas tree is a 6' Christmas tree that pops up instantly and is pre-decorated with original artwork by renowned artist Thomas Kinkade. The tree has two satin-like ribbons with winter holiday scenes.

What nicknames did Thomas Kinkade go by?

Thomas Kinkade went by Painter of Light.

Value of Thomas kinkade plates?

price of thomas kinkade lighted plate

Was thomas kinkade gay?

Thomas Kinkade is dead. That's what he is. His paintings remain.

Is pat kinkade a artist?

If you are thinking if this Patrick Kinkade could be a brother of Thomas Kinkade? Then he is but he is not an artist in his chosen career field. In the 2008 movie "Christmas Cottage" about Thomas Kinkade life and hometown. At the end of the movie Thomas said that his brother grew up to be a writer and a professor at a California College. But there wasn't any mention weather if Patrick myself gotten married or have a family. I hope this help to answer your question. :-)

What online stores carry canvas art prints by the Artist Thomas Kinkade?

You can find canvas art prints by Thomas Kinkade at many online art dealers. One authorized dealer would be Gallery Direct Art at

Where can you purchase Thomas Kinkade art?

One can purchase Thomas Kinkade art from a variety of locations. You can order directly from the online Thomas Kinkade gallery, or you can also find pieces at specialist auctions.

Where can one buy Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village products?

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village products can be purchased online on the official Thomas Kinkade website, from authorized retailers such as Amazon, or at specialty stores that sell Thomas Kinkade merchandise.

Where can one download a free Thomas Kinkade wallpaper?

One can download free Thomas Kinkade wallpaper from many different places. Wallpaper Bit, Wallhope, and Desktop Nexus provide free Thomas Kinkade wallpaper.