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Click link below! Lots of pictures! Each one is enlarged by clicking.

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Q: What were some of Grandma Moses' paintings called and what were the of?
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What are some experiences that Grandma Moses had that made her important?

Grandma Moses was invited by Edward Murrow to be on his TV show called See It Now.

What medium did grandma Moses use?

The left over canvas and house paints are some of the medium that grandma Moses did use. She used the whatever materials that she could lay her hands on.

Who was an American primitive painter?

One was Grandma Moses, some say primitive, although naive is a better term.

Where are Botticelli's paintings in the Sistine Chapel located?

Along the walls, where he and some other Florentine artists painted scenes from the lives of Christ and Moses.

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In Altamira cave, Cantabria, Spain

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The colonial Paul Revere was a silversmith, not a painter. There are what are called, "Paul Revere paintings" that are done by a number of modern artists.

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