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No you didnt answer my question coz u are liars

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Q: What were the names of Paul Gauguin's children?
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What were the names of gauguins children?

they had five children: Émile (1874–1955); Aline (1877–1897); Clovis (1879–1900);Jean René(1881–1961); and Paul Rollon (1883–1961).

What describes Paul Gauguins style?

bright color and solid flat forms

What was paul's children's names?

Paul's children's names are:Mary, Stella and James McCartney.

What is the time period of Paul Gauguins art work?

Post-Impressionism, the eart 20th century.

What were the names of Auguste Escoffier's children?

paul daniel germaine

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Paul Keating, the former Australian prime minister has four children, including three daughters and one son. Their names are Katherine, Alexandra, Caroline, and Patrick.

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There is limited information about Paul Gies publicly available, so it is not possible to confirm if he has children.

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Paul's father was Hans Klee, His mother Ida Frick.. He was the second of two children

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