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David Mann - painter - died on 2004-09-11.

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Q: When did David Mann - painter - die?
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When was David Mann - painter - born?

David Mann - painter - was born on 1940-09-10.

When did David Shaw - painter - die?

David Shaw - painter - died in 1989.

When did David Murray - painter - die?

David Murray - painter - died in 1933.

When did David Park - painter - die?

David Park - painter - died on 1960-09-20.

Did David Mann Meet the Browns die?

NO, NO, No

When was David Painter born?

David Painter was born in 1944.

When was David Mann born?

David E. Mann was born in 1924.

Painter named r mann?

Yes. His name is Richard Mann. I think he is based on the West Coast.

What has the author P Painter written?

P. Painter has written: 'Erla uterungen zu Heinrich Mann'

When was David E. Mann born?

David E. Mann was born in 1924.

When was David Shaw - painter - born?

David Shaw - painter - was born in 1952.

When was David Dawson - painter - born?

David Dawson - painter - was born in 1960.