When did Masaccio die?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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1428 in Rome, Italy, Europe, earth, although conflicting accounts state differing years. it's either 1428 or 1429, A.D. He may have been poisoned, like Napoleon Bonaparte, the great emperor of France, Europe, earth.

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. According to a legend, he was poisoned by a jealous rival painter.

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In Florence and Rome.

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Q: When did Masaccio die?
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What is Tommaso Masaccio's birthday?

Tommaso Masaccio was born on December 21, 1401.

When was Tommaso Masaccio born?

Tommaso Masaccio was born on December 21, 1401.

When was Saint Paul - Masaccio - created?

Saint Paul - Masaccio - was created in 1426.

When was Portrait of a Young Man - Masaccio - created?

Portrait of a Young Man - Masaccio - was created in 1425.

Where was Masaccio Born?


What has the author Thomas Patch written?

Thomas Patch has written: 'The life of Masaccio. = La vita di Masaccio'

How did Masaccio represent bulk for his figures in the Tribute Money?

Masaccio created the bulk of the figures by modeling with a light coming from a specific source outside the picture.

What materials did Masaccio use?

Masaccio used paints and canvas for his paintings. He is best known for being one of the first painters to use linear perspective in his work.

Which artistic tradition was founded by Masaccio?

Renaissance naturalism

Michelangelo's early works were influenced by his study of what other artist?

Yes, the early work of Michelangelo was influenced by the study of the other artists.

Did tomasso masaccio learn from other humanists?

It is unsure where Masaccio received his training, if indeed he had any at all, but by the age of 19 or 20 he already belonged to the guild and was a professional painter.

Where was masaccio from?

Massacio's birthplace was san-giovanni-valdarno, italy