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he didn't.

he is still alive and kicking!

(still making great art work!)

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in 10,00BC

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im not that stupid

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Q: When did Michael Craig martin get married?
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Is Michael Craig Martin married?


When is Michael Craig-Martin's birthday?

Michael Craig-Martin was born on August 28, 1941.

When was Michael Craig-Martin born?

Michael Craig-Martin was born on 28th August 1941 in Dublin, Ireland.He rocks!

How old Michael Craig - martin?

About 70.

Does Michael Craig martin have children?


How old is Michael Craig-Martin?

UK artist Sir Michael Craig-Martin is 76 years old (birthdate August 28, 1941)

Is Michael Craig Martin still alive?

Yes, he is.

Where does Michael Craig-Martin work?

On Earth...London

Does Michael Craig martin only do paintings?


What is Michael Craig Martin famous for?

art work

What style does Michael Craig martin do?

its for me to know, for you to find out :)

What art movement does michael Craig martin belong to?

Micheal Craig martin is a great man that used good movement