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Michael Robinson - Canadian artist - died in 2010.

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Q: When did Michael Robinson - Canadian artist - die?
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When did Michael Massey Robinson die?

Michael Massey Robinson died in 1826.

When did Jonathan Robinson - Canadian politician - die?

Jonathan Robinson - Canadian politician - died on 1948-10-11.

When did Ken Robinson - Canadian politician - die?

Ken Robinson - Canadian politician - died on 1991-12-31.

When did Michael Sullivan - Canadian senator - die?

Michael Sullivan - Canadian senator - died on 1915-01-26.

When did Thomas J. B. Robinson die?

Michael S. Robinson died in 1999.

When did Frank Johnston - artist - die?

Frank Johnston, a Canadian artist, passed away on July 19, 1949. He was known for being a founding member of the Group of Seven, a famous group of Canadian landscape painters.

What day did artist Michael Angelo die?

Michelangelo died on February 18, 1564 By a slow fever

When did Humphrey Robinson die?

Humphrey Robinson died in 1670.

When did Alick Robinson die?

Alick Robinson died in 1977.

When did Alexander Robinson die?

Alexander Robinson died in 1995.

When did W. A. Robinson die?

W. A. Robinson died in 1895.

When did Fenton Robinson die?

Fenton Robinson died in 1997.