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Marc Chagall's painting White Crucifixion dates from 1938, and it is held at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Q: When was Marc Chagalls White Crucifixion painted?
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When was White Crucifixion created?

"White Crucifixion" is a painting by Marc Chagall, and it was created in 1938.

Why was Marc Chagall's 'White Crucifixion' painted?

It was possibly his horror after hearing about the 'Kristallnacht' on November 10, 1938, when Jewish shops in Berlin wer attacked in the night.

What was Marc Chagalls art style?

Between 1906 and 1910 Chagall first had private instruction in painting and then visited two art schools in St Petersburg. What he painted during those years is not known today.

What were Marc Chagalls' parents' names?

His father was Khatskl (Zakhar) Shagal and his mother, Feige-Ite.

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Did Marc Chagall paint upside down?

yes chagall painted upside down because he was dyslexic

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