When was Morandi the artist born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On June 20, 1890.

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Q: When was Morandi the artist born?
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When was Riccardo Morandi born?

Riccardo Morandi was born in 1902.

Who inspired Giorgio Morandi to become an artist?

The artists who inspired Giorgio Morandi to become an artist were Renoir, Monet, cezanne, Giotto, Piero Della Francesca and Uccello.

When was Giovanni Maria Morandi born?

Giovanni Maria Morandi was born in 1622.

When was Anna Morandi Manzolini born?

Anna Morandi Manzolini was born in 1714.

When was Leo Morandi born?

Leo Morandi was born on 1923-11-14.

When was Flaminia Morandi born?

Flaminia Morandi was born in 1947, in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

What artist influenced giorgio morandi's work?

Giorgio Morandi was influenced by a variety of artists, including masters of Italian Renaissance painting like Giotto and Masaccio, as well as modern artists such as Cézanne, Picasso, and de Chirico. These influences can be seen in Morandi's emphasis on form, color, and composition in his still life paintings.

What is Grizzana Morandi's population?

Grizzana Morandi's population is 4,070.

When did Riccardo Morandi die?

Riccardo Morandi died in 1989.

What has the author Riccardo Morandi written?

Riccardo Morandi has written: 'The concrete architecture of Riccardo Morandi' -- subject(s): Reinforced concrete construction

When did Giovanni Maria Morandi die?

Giovanni Maria Morandi died in 1717.

What is the area of Grizzana Morandi?

The area of Grizzana Morandi is 77.3 square kilometers.