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Self-portrait - Giorgione - was created in 1510.

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Q: When was Self-portrait - Giorgione - created?
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When was Adoration of the Shepherds - Giorgione - created?

Adoration of the Shepherds - Giorgione - was created in 1500.

When was Sleeping Venus - Giorgione - created?

Sleeping Venus - Giorgione - was created in 1510.

When was Giorgione born?

Giorgione was born in 1477.

When did Giorgione die?

Giorgione died in 1510.

Who influenced Titian?


Who was titian influenced by?

Giorgione Bellini

What artists was titian influenced by?

He was influenced by Giorgione.

What was Giorgione most famous for?

Giorgione is most famous for being an Italian painter. He was a painter from the High Renaissance movement. His works consist of The Tempest, Sleeping Venus, Castelfranco Madonna, and The Three Philosphers.

What are the release dates for Giorgione - 1910?

Giorgione - 1910 was released on: Monaco: July 1910 France: 4 July 1910 UK: 6 July 1910 USA: 7 July 1910

Who commissioned Giorgione to paint 'Sleeping Venus'?

There is no record left of the commission.

What artists are buried in the churches of Venice?

Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Canaletto.

Who was Giorgione's assistant who became one of the most famous Renaissance artists?