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It is a photo of a sculpture, not a painting. And it was created on October 25, 1987 in Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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Q: When was rowan leaves hole by Andy goldsworthy painted?
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About Rowan leaves Hole by Andy goldsworthy?

The art work can be seen at the link below. What's the question? what describes Andy goldsworthys rowan leaves and holes

How long did rowan leaves by Andy Goldsworthy last?

It lasted rounghly two weeks, before natural causes ruined it.

Why was oak leaves and holes made by Andy goldsworthy?

why wouldn't it be made by Andy Goldsworthy..

When did Andy Goldsworthy create Oak leaves and holes?


Is Andy goldsworthy leaves with hole made out of real leaves?

Yep, it's made out of oak leaves

Which of these visual elements is most obvious in Andy Goldsworthy's Hazel Leaves?


What kind of media did Andy goldsworthy use?

Andy Goldsworthy is a sculptor and photographer. The media he worked with included pinecones, snow, twigs, thorns, leaves, and brightly colored flowers.

When was Rowan leaves with Hole created by Andy Goldworthy?

He first created Rowan Leaves & Hole in 25th of October 2008.

Where was Andy Goldsworthy born?

Where was Andy Goldsworthy born?

When did Andy goldsworthy make the sticks framing the lake?

Andy Goldsworthy made this sculpture in 2003 :)

Who was Andy goldsworthy's parents?

Andy Goldsworthy's parents were Muriel and F. Allin Goldsworthy.

What visual elements is most obvious in Andy Goldsworthy's Hazel Leaves?

The most obvious visual element in Andy Goldsworthy's Hazel Leaves sculpture is the use of shape and pattern created by the carefully arranged overlapping leaves to form a concentric circle. The repetition and organic forms of the hazel leaves contribute to the artwork's overall intricate and harmonious composition.