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pie is good.

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Q: Where can you get canvas paintings copied into posters?
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Where can one purchase canvas posters?

One can purchase canvas posters at Amazon, Easyart, Easy Canvas Prints, Canvas Pop, Simply Canvas, Photo Walgreens, Over Stock, Fine Arts America, Deals Woot and many others.

What are paintings made of?

paintings are made of paint and painted on a canvas

Where can one purchase posters of landscape paintings by famous artists?

One can purchase posters of landscape paintings by famous artists from a variety of locations. Some large booksellers have art posters. Museums that display landscape paintings are also a good source.

Where does an artist put his paintings on?

An easel or canvas (?) .

What did van gogh make paintings on?


What mediums does Vladimir kush use in his work?

Vladimir Kush's surreal paintings' are very famous. The medium he used mostly too make his paintings was oil on canvas. He also has some paintings with gilcee on Canvas.

What did Vincent use on his paintings?

Oil paint on canvas.

Which task do volunteers for a political campaign usually do?

Canvas at local rallies and events- apex

What is the board you paint on?

Paintings (artistic paintings) are done on paper, board, plaster and canvas etc.

Where can one find large prints for sale?

One can find large prints of fine art paintings and photographs at the All Posters website. One can also find large prints at Great Big Canvas and Canvas Art Designs as well as Fine Art America.

What materials did Andy Warhol use for his paintings?

Oil paintings on canvas sometimes acrylic on canvas. Also silk screening, Printing and slide projections he also used!

What techniques did Picasso use in all his paintings?

His paintings were oil on canvas. He also made drawings and etchings.