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The German painter Lucas Cranach signed his paintings with a tiny dragon.

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Q: Where do i find out about a dutch artist who signs his paintings with an insect rather than a name?
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Your gallery has two paintings from this Dutch artist he is one of the most often forged artists?

Jan Vermeer.

What are Dutch paintings?

Paintings made in Holland (The Netherlands).

How do you say artist in Dutch?

"artist" = "artiest" (pronounced: arteest) in Dutch

How do you say bug in dutch?


Who was Snapper the Dutch painterOne of his paintings depicts a scene in ParisIt is signed Paris Snapper?

Reinier Wijnand Snapper was born February 28, 1907 and died December 9, 1998. He was a Dutch artist who attended the State Normal School in Amsterdam.

Are there any famous painters that painted stars?

Assuming that we are using the word "stars" to refer to celestial bodies, the most famous artist would have to be Vincent van Gogh. He painted "Starry Night" in 1889. He was a Dutch post-impressionist artist mostly noted for his paintings.

What famous artist hid himself in his own paintings?

The Dutch artist Jan Vermeer is known for painting himself into a few of his works. A work by Vermeer called 'The Art of Painting' is a good example. In some of his works there may only be part of an easel or canvas in a refection.

What kinds of themes is Van Goghs art?

Dutch paintings

How does Dutch Interior you by Joan Miró exhibit Surrealistic characteristics?

Dutch Interior I includes details derived from the artist's imagination

What artist created the sculpture from the movie Fracture?

Dutch artist Mark Bischoff.

Who is Jan groenhart?

She is a Dutch landscape artist

What style of work did Rembrandt do?

Rembrandt is one of the most famous artists of all time. He was well known for his portrait paintings. Some of his most famous paintings are worth millions of dollars.