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Q: Where does Claes Oldenburg live today?
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What is claes oldenburg real names?

Claes Oldenburg..? haha

Where does Claes Oldenburg come from?

Claes Oldenburg was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

What is Claes Oldenburg's birthday?

Claes Oldenburg was born on January 28, 1929.

When did claes oldenburg become an artist?

Claes Oldenburg became an artist in 1953!

When was claes oldenburg was born?

Claes Oldenburg was born on January 28, 1929.

How do you pronounce Claes Oldenburg?

Claes = clay+s Oldenburg = old +den + berg

How old was Claes Oldenburg when he started painting?

Oldenburg is a sculptor.

Who is Claes Oldenburg's family?

chris oldenburg age 1000000

Claes Oldenburg when did he do the ice cream cone?

Claes Oldenburg produced the ice cream cone sculpture in March 2011.

Who were claes oldenburg's friends?

a guy

Is Claes Oldenburg Alive?


Who influenced Claes Oldenburg?

the theatre