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Q: Where does Ted Harrison the artist live?
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When was David Harrison - artist - born?

David Harrison - artist - was born in 1954.

When did Mary Harrison - artist - die?

Mary Harrison - artist - died in 1875.

When was Mary Harrison - artist - born?

Mary Harrison - artist - was born in 1788.

When was ted Harrison born?

Ted Harrison was born on the date August 28th,1926,and he is 84 years old.

When did Ted Harrison die?

On December 17, 2013, Ted Harrison is still alive. His wife died from Alzhiemer disease in 2000.

How many years old is Ted Harrison?

Ted Harrison is now 84 years old, and his birthday is Augest 28th, 1926.

Where can you buy the live version of while my guitar gently weeps?

There is a version on George Harrison's "Live in Japan" album. It was never performed live by the Beatles, but George Harrison wrote it, and subsequently recorded it live several times as a a solo artist.

Did ted Harrison receive any awards?

Yes, Ted Harrison was awarded the Order of Canada in 1987 for his contributions to Canadian art and culture.

Does ted Harrison have any siblings?

He had NO siblings.

Is Edward Ted Harrison married?

The noted painter Edward "Ted" Harrison was married until 2000 when his wife, Nicky, died of Alzheimers Disease.

When was Ted Williams - voice-over artist - born?

Ted Williams - voice-over artist - was born on 1957-09-22.

How old is ted Harrison?

86 years old. (1926)