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It was painted at his home in Delft, the Netherlands.

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Q: Where was 'The Art of Painting' made or found by Jan Vermeer?
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Who was the victim in chasing Vermeer?

Xavier glitts, or tommy's mom's boy friend

What style is Vermeer in art?

Genre art

Where is the 'Allegory of Painting' located by Jan Vermeer?

It is in the Kulturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria. It is more often called 'The Art of Painting'.

Where did petra and calder find the painting in chasing vermeer?

Yes, It turns out Fred was really a infamous art thief who stole the painting and began writing the letters. Calder and Petra find the painting in a hidden compartment in a staircase in Delia Dell hall.

What is the famous painting of a painter depicting himself at work?

Jan Vermeer is credited with painting "The Art of Painting" around 1666. It is sometimes famous as "the painting of a painter painting a painting" or so forth. (see related link for this and another)

Who is Mr Wright in Chasing Vermeer?

Mr. Wright is a mysterious art collector who is interested in buying the Vermeer painting that is at the center of the book's mystery. He plays a key role in the story's resolution.

What has the author Daniel Arasse written?

Daniel Arasse has written: 'La guillotine et l'imaginaire de la Terreur' -- subject(s): Guillotine 'Vermeer, faith in painting' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Spirituality in art 'Anselm Kiefer' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Arts 'La Religion De La Peinture' 'Vermeer' 'L' homme en perspective' -- subject(s): Gothic Painting, Human beings in art, Italian Painting, Painting, Gothic, Painting, Italian, Painting, Renaissance, Renaissance Painting 'L' ambition de Vermeer' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Spirituality in art

What famous artist hid himself in his own paintings?

The Dutch artist Jan Vermeer is known for painting himself into a few of his works. A work by Vermeer called 'The Art of Painting' is a good example. In some of his works there may only be part of an easel or canvas in a refection.

Who is Fred in chasing vermeer?

In the book "Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliett, Fred is one of the main characters along with Petra and Calder. Fred is their teacher who helps guide them on their mission to solve the mystery surrounding a stolen Vermeer painting.

What are the culprits motives in Chasing Vermeer?

In "Chasing Vermeer," the culprits' motives are to create chaos and manipulate the art world for their own gain. They want to profit from the stolen Vermeer painting and enjoy the challenge of outsmarting the authorities. Their actions are driven by greed and a desire for power.

What happened to Ms.Hussey in chapter 15 in the book Chasing Vermeer?

In chapter 15 of "Chasing Vermeer," Ms. Hussey mysteriously disappears from the school trip to the Chicago Art Institute. She is later discovered in a nearby gallery with a critical clue relating to the stolen Vermeer painting.

What has the author George Deem written?

George Deem has written: 'Art school' -- subject(s): Appropriation (Art), Art schools, Art schools in art, Exhibitions, Humor 'How to paint a Vermeer' -- subject(s): History, Painting, Technique