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William Blake

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Q: Which artist depicts Dante and Virgil as more childlike and innocent?
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Which artist depicts Dante and Virgil as more adult and courageous?

Gustave DorΓ©'s illustrations of Dante's "Inferno" depict Dante and Virgil as more adult and courageous, capturing their journey through the depths of hell with a sense of mystery and detailed imagery.

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In William Blake's interpretation of Dante and Virgil's escape from demons from the Inferno how does the artist depict the demons?

In William Blake's illustration, he depicts the demons as hybrid creatures, embodying both human and animalistic features. The demons are portrayed with twisted, contorted bodies, emphasizing their grotesque and menacing nature. Blake's use of dramatic lighting and dynamic composition further enhances the fear-inducing presence of the demons in the artwork.

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