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Q: Which artist has had number one singles in the UK as a solo artist duo trio quartet and as part of a group with more than four members?
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Who is the abstract expressionist artist of Number 10?

Mark Rothko

How many Professional Thoroughbred riding Jockeys are there in the U.S.?

I have heard numbers from approximately 400-600. The actual number depends on several things. Jockeys have to have a license to compete and the number of licensed riders changes over time. Also, not every person who has a jockey's license actually rides in races, they might be an exercise rider who has a jock's license so they can ride in races three or four times a year. A lot of jockeys who ride regularly are members of the jockey's guild so a good idea of a more accurate number would be counting members of the guild, though there are plenty of riders who are not guild members.

What year was Banksy born in?

The identity of the UK graffiti artist (or artists) known as Banksy has not been conclusively proven or revealed. This has not prevented a number of prominent artworks from selling for substantial prices. One person suspected of being Banksy is artist Robin Gunningham, born July 28, 1973.

Who is P Chan Chinese artist?

I would like to know that myself because I just acquired two beautiful original watercolors on batik by him/her ---- if it's the same artist, they sign their work with a lower case p. chan. They had a certificate of authentication that they were originals on the back with the name of the people running the auction where they were originally purchased. The company was called HANG-UPS: Fundraising Art Auctions and their address in in Orange, CA. I tried calling the phone number which was (714) 997-9999 with no luck. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Who is Clint the child artist died at the age of 5?

As far as i know there was a child artist named 'Clint' in India who died at the age of 6 somewhere around 1983.His real name was infact Edmond Thomas and Clint was just a name given by his parents and therefore was known by the same name. He is indeed one among the best examples for child genius keeping in mind his young age and the amazing paintings he has made. it is said that he had made almost 25000 paintings by the time he died at the age of 6. and from whch a few i have seen personally and i must admit they were just amazing and brilliant. a very remarkable work done by a little boy. After his death a number of documentaries were made on him and a lot of his paintings had gone for exhibitions.

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