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The main inspiration for other baroque artist was Caravggio.

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There are several Baroque artists that are considered inspiration to later Baroque artists. These include Correggio, Caravaggio, and Federico Barocci.

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Q: Which artist was an inspiration to later baroque artists?
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What artist was inspiration to later baroque artist?

Annibale Carracci was said to be an inspiration to later artists of the Baroque period. Caravaggio and Barocci influenced later artists as well.

What technique did baroque artist rembrandt of the Netherlands use in his later painting?

Answer this question… Which of the following statements describes the paintings of French Rococo artist Antoine Watteau?

What best describes an approach used by Baroque artist Rembrandt of the Netherlands in his later years?

He used neutral colors and smooth brushstrokes to create carefully blended tonal values.

What do Rodger Fry and Clement Greenburg have in common?

They both endorsed artists who were being overlooked or mocked at the time and helped make them famous later on.

Why does art become more popular after an artist is dead?

This is not always the case. Many artists were respected and acheived fame and renown in their own time. Seemingly often, people will neither understand nor respect an artists' work or style during his/her lifetime, but the work will resurface later when people can and do trying appreciate it. The moneterial value of the art may go up after the artist is dead simply because the artist cannot create more.

Who is blind artist Morgano from Cleveland Ohio?

Morgano may have known famous Cleveland news commentator, Dorothy Fuldheim. Dorothy gave me an artists proof of his work. We later saw the same piece in a film.

What best describes the relentless beat and regular accent of later Baroque music?

vigorous rhythm.

How did the artists of the Harlem Renaissance influence African-American artists of later Generations?

The paintings that they did influenced later generations. They were all about showing their freedom and having their voices be heard.

What is claimed to be Rembrandt van Rijn's impact on other artists and in general?

His treatment of light was important to later artists.

Who painted the Crucifixion?

The Crucifixion is one of the most cherished subjects in Christian art. It has been painted by practically every painter in the 12th - 16th centuries. Also later by many artists. Picasso did, for instance. So there are hundreds and hundreds of Crucifixion paintings. I believe Rembrandt did also!

What Musical Era Johann Sebastian Bach is part of?

Bach's life span is from 1685-1750. He belongs to the Baroque era. In his later years, he try to specialize in his Baroque forms where other composers (including his sons) deviated from the Baroque culture to classical galant style.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer who was a part of the later Baroque era, just before the Classical era began.TrueFalse?