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Picasso Was famous for his use of colors and hard lines with a simple subject. Van Gogh expressed a lot of emotion and few colors into his work.

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Q: Which famous artists use colour and emotion?
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Who is the most famous artist to use red?

Nearly all artists have used the colour red in their art. Therefore your question boils down to "who is the most famous artist". The answer tot that is a matter of taste not absolutes.

Why do artists use colour?

Artists use color for many reasons:to express emotionto add realism to a piece of artto contrast different objects or areas in a piece of artto help certain parts of a piece of art stand out, and seem bolderto convey the beauty of an object/scene (because of/by using color)for other reasons that may apply...

Who are some artists who use colour?

Genesis P'orridge, Hieronymus Bosch, & Vincent Van Gough

What artists use patterns?

MC Escher uses mostly patterns in his work and is one of the most famous artists for using this technique.

Can you use two different artists for your art gcse final piece?

Yes you can, I am using two for my GCSE right now. Basically take one idea from both artists eg use of colour and then atmosphere from another.

How does Edgar Degas use colour in his work?

Artists cannot possibly have just one favorite color.

What is the primary purpose that artists have for crating paintings?

To express emotion, movement, or music dont use that answer ^^^^^ your retarded its: There is no primary purpose, since it constantly changes based on history.

Which famous artists don't use a paint brush?

Andy Warhol is the artist who does not paint his own paintings.

What are the rules of use for interjections?

When you show emotion you use an interjection. Strong emotion is used with a exlamation point. little emotion is shown with a comma.

Byzantine artists were the first Western artists to?

Byzantine artists were the first Western artists to develop the use of abstraction.

What do you like about Pablo Picasso's famous painting weeping woman?

I like the use of colour in this painting, it is by far my favourite it mixes emotions and colour to create a fantastic work of art!

Who are famous artists that use animals?

Damien Hirst, Banksy, Wim Delvoye, Julie DeVille, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Guillermo Vergas