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The best-known might be Henri Rousseau 'Le Douanier'1844-1910.

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Q: Which famous painters painted jungle paintings?
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Did Henri Rousseau paint from observation?

Not always. He had never been in a jungle, but was famous for his jungle paintings.

Who Are The Greatest Painters In The Whole World?

, The best answer I can give you is Vincent Van Gogth. He has done many paintings of the sea, jungle animals, lots more! Chris :)

What is Henri Rousseau's most famous picture?

Henri Rousseau's most famous picture will have to be Jungle With A Lion you can find this picture on Google Images Henri Rousseau's Paintings!

What is Henri Rosseau famous for?

Naive paintings, sometimes with jungle scenes. Click link below to see many!

Where did Henri Rousseau do his paintings?

he did them in France but he never left to the jungle

What paints was the equatorial jungle by Henri Rousseau painted with?

oil paints

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