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correct for apex
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Which item would be considered an actors medium?


Which item would be considered a musician's medium?

Song apex

What item is considered an example of medium?

An example of a medium could be a piece of paper used for drawing or writing. It provides a surface for marks or information to be created or transferred.

Is a Japanese holiday considered a Japanese culture?

It would be considered a cultural ITEM

What does it mean to be medium exchange?

any item that can be traded for another item

What item would be considered unprofession between officers and enlisted?


What item would be considered unprofessional between officers and enlisted?

All the above

Which of these items would NOT be considered a feature?

A feature is a distinctive characteristic or quality of something. An item such as a pricing option would not be considered a feature; instead, it would be considered a pricing component or detail.

Which item would be considered a decoy cue for an attacker to use for orientation?

A road intersection

Is selling a legal item such as a bottle of water with a ticket or some type of chance to win on the item still considered gambling and would it still be illegal in the state of Alabama?


Are there any helms on RuneScape that look like the Berserker Helm and is not a quest item?

Not really, though one that don't req a quest would be Dragon Medium.

What does medium vests do in combat arms?

Nothing, its just your standard gear item.