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Q: Which method of painting requires the artist to work quickly so that the wax will remain liquid?
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A liquid used in printing?


What kind of paint does Bob Ross use in his paintings?

Bob Ross has his own line of oil paints. His paint is a thicker consistency than standard oil paint. He also uses Liquid White, Liquid Clear, and Liquid Black before he starts to paint. These are quite runny. You can make your own using a good bit of linseed oil mixed with a tube of black or a tube of white oil paint. Liquid clear can be substituted with plain linseed oil.

What kind of paint does Robert bateman use?

Liquid acrylics, sometimes mixed with gouache. Read all about it on

How did Picts make blue war paint?

The ancients made a very good blue dye from the plant woad. To achieve the dye, the aerial parts (above ground: leaves, flowers and stems) of the plant were finely chopped and packed tightly into a wide mouthed container. Boiling water was added until the plant material was completely covered and the container was set aside for about an hour. Then the infusion (liquid) was strained off. At this point lye was added and the mixture was beaten with a whisk or similar implement for about fifteen minutes or so and the mixture would have been set aside to settle. Every day or so, any of the clear or very pale liquid that rose to the surface was poured off, until the remaining liquid was very thick and very dark. This concentrated liquid was poured into a wide pan and slowly evaporated off. The resulting dye was a dark blue powder that was usually mixed with animal fat to make a blue body paint. Please NOTE This process was messy and the dye was permanent, so those making the dye carried the stains for quite a while.

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Does matter travel most quickly in a solid or liquid?


What happen during sublimation?

A solid becomes a gas without passing through the stage of being a liquid. It requires energy (endothermic), as the molecules need to move around more quickly and freely. you really only have to write a solid - liquid

Does sound travel more quickly through a liquid or a solid?

A liquid

What if liquid nitrogen was poured on the floor?

Liquid nitrogen is quickly evaporated.

Would liquid bromine diffuse more or less quickly than gaseous bromine after pouring it into another liquid?

less quickly

What requires more heat changing water from a liquid to a solid or changing it from a liquid to a gas?

It depends!!When you turn water from liquid to solid, it doesn't requires heat.It is so called SOLIDIFICATION.Then if liquid to gas,the liquid requires more heat inorder for it to become a water vapor...The process is called EVAPORATION..™J-Neil™

How does Transfer of heat energy in a liquid?

conduction and convection (which requires a circulation of the liquid).

Who require more temperature for easily evaporation its volatile liquid or non volatile liquid?

A volatile liquid evaporates easily and so requires lesser temperature. A non-volatile liquid requires more temperature to evaporate

What is the difference between painting and varnishing?

painting- is applying a coat of liquid with added colour to a wall . varnishing- is applying a coat of liquid with no added colour to door, skirting board ext.

Why does ice evaporate faster than water?

Changing a liquid to a gas requires less heat than changing a solid to a gas, hence the former will happen more quickly than the latter.

What changing a solid to a liquid to a gas requires?

Requires energy, generally in the form of heat.

The freezing of a substance requires?

It requires the removal of heat.