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Q: Which principle of design makes a piece look even or uneven depending on the choice of the artist?
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Which principle of design focuses on one place in the artwork to stand out and grab attention?


Who was the renaissance artist that took 50 years to design the doors for the baptistery of a local cathedral?

Lorenzo Ghiberti

What are the qualities of an artist?

Great artists create paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other dazzling decorative and commercial pieces. To be a successful artist, one should have:1. An Awareness of the Audience: A great artist is well-aware of the audience of the piece they're creating. He or she keeps the needs and wants of this particular audience in mind when developing a project.2. An Eye for Design: A great artist has a keen eye for design and knows what makes for a good work of art.3. Creativity: A great artist is very creative and always has new ideas for projects.4. Humility: A great artist has a sense of humility and is open to criticism. They understand that not everyone will have the same feelings about their work.5. Knowledge of Materials: A great artist is familiar with a variety of materials that can go into a project, and knows how to most effectively use them to bolster a piece.6. Passion: A great artist is passionate about their work and practices their art because they love the work and feel a need to create.7. Savvy Technical Ability: A great artist is technically savvy and can employ computer applications into their work.8. Sketching Skills: A great artist has great sketching skills and can use those skills to lay out the basics of an upcoming project, either for their own reference or to show the project to others.9. Strong Business Sense: A great artist has excellent business skills and can market themselves and their work to the public.10. Vision: A great artist has a strong sense of vision and can easily picture the desired end result at the outset of a project.Source: see link below!

What art principle is most important in the Nike of samothrace?

The force of the wind whips the drapery into wonderfully animated folds. Because of this effect, the space around the Nike, in front and behind her, become important parts of the sculpture itself. Space is an element of design.

What are the 4 elements of decorative design?

The 4 elements of decorative design are:Naturalistic DesignAbstract DesignGeometric DesignBiomorphic Design

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Which principle of design makes the piece look even or un-even depending on the choice of the artist?


What is the hourly pay for a tattoo artist?

It varies depending on the artist, the design and the shop.

What is emphasis as a design principle?

Emphasis is very important when it comes to design principle. Emphasis is what creates a focal point of the design, it is how we can bring attention to what is most important in the design.

What is the principle of design occurs when artist apply the element of art to create action and to lead your eye through a work of art?

Rhythmn...Wrong Soooo Wrong its Movement sweethearts !

What does the seven principles of design mean?

Principle of design are; alignment balance consistency contrast proximity repetition unity white space All this are important design principle.

What term in printmaking is used for the object on which the artist creates a design?

In printmaking, what term is used for the object on which the artist creates a design?

In printmaking what term is used for the object on which the artist creates a design?

In printmaking, what term is used for the object on which the artist creates a design?

What principle of design make one part of a Work dominant over other parts?


What design principle do you believe is most important and why?


What principle of design is used by Claude Monet?


What principle of design refers to the way in which the various components in a design create a single entity?

Unity is the principle of design that refers to how the various components in a design work together to create a harmonious and cohesive whole. It ensures that all elements in the design relate to each other and contribute to the overall message or purpose.

Which design principle is based on repetition?

The design principle based on repetition is rhythm. Rhythm involves creating visual consistency through the repeated use of elements such as shapes, colors, or patterns. This repetition helps establish a sense of unity and cohesion in a design.