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There is no such ranking.

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Q: Who are the top 10 most famous Spanish painters and what kinds of art are they famous for?
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What are the most famous home painters?

The most famous painters is Picasso, Giotto,Botticelli,Rembrandt.

Who are the most famous Spanish painters?

Pablo Picasso was probably the most famous painter that came from Spain, but a lot of his career was spent in France.Diego Velázquez and Francisco Goya were the most well-known painters that painted in Spain for all or most of their lives.

Who are the most famous Swedish painters?

edgar wallin

Who are the most famous women Canadian painters?

Emily Carr

Who are three famous dutch painters?

Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent Van Gogh, and Johannes Vermeer are generally considered to be three of the most famous Dutch painters.

Who is Mary Cassat?

one of the most famous woman painters in history

Who was one of the most famous painters of the eighteenth century?

Paul Cézanne

Who are the most famous painters?

Rembrandt and Picasso. There could be dozens of other answers.

What is the first name of one of Australia's most famous Aboriginal painters - Namatjira?


One of the renaissances most important painters?

The Harlem Renaissance is known for producing a variety of famous writers, musicians, and painters. Some of the most important painters of the Harlem Renaissance were Jacob Lawrence, Lois Mailou Jones, and Aaron Douglass.

What famous renaissance painter was famous for painting madonas?

Raphael was the most famous, but practically all painters at that time painted madonnas, Leonardo did too.

What did francisco zurbaran accomplish?

Zurbaran was one of the most influential Spanish religious painters of the 17th century