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Georges Seurat.

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Q: Who developed the divisionism and pointilism technique?
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The three main currents of art that developed out of Post-Impressionism were?

The typical one was Expressionism. Pointilism, Fauvism, Cubism are some more.

Charteristics of pointilism?


What style is Georges Seurat's drawing?

His drawings are mostly preparations for paintings. His painting style is Pointillism or Divisionism, also called neo-impressionism or luminism.

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What was george seurats painting technich?


Where did pointilism originate?

It originated from Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What do you think of Georges Seurat paintings?

Georges Seurat is a French Post-Impressionist painter, he developed a technique which people called "Pointillism", and he called it "Divisionism". He devised a method of painting which used dots of paint instead of using longer brush strokes to create the picture. His paintings are quite natural using of light and color. Check his paintings on this link (See related Link)

What is an Intricate pattern made of small dots is called what style of painting?


Who made up pointilism?

Nicole Cornejo