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Piet Mondrian

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Q: Who drew the painting with black lines filled with the primary colors?
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Who painted the painting with black lines that make squares filled with primary colors?

You may be thinking of Josef Albers.

What is the definition of white primary?

The lighting color wheel is different from a painting color wheel. If the painting primary colors of red-yellow-blue are added in equal amount, the result is black. If using lighting primary colors of red green and blue lights, the result is primary white.

Can you make black out of the primary colours-?

Orange, purple and green are the secondary colors that can be made out of primary colors. You cannot make black out of primary colors.

Are black and white primary colors?

NO!!!!! All the primary colors mixed together make black and white. Black and white are in no way primary colors.

What are the 3 primary colors of television?

Red Black and White or maybe instead of black it might be gray

What is the meaning of drab?

I liked the painting the left better because it was very colorful, whereas the painting on the right was drab with the primary colors being black, white and gray.

How do you get the color black?

by primary colors or what?

What are universal colors except primary colors?

black and white

Can you make true black out of the primary colours?

No, you can not make true black out of the primary colors.

What are the 5 primary colours?

red,yellow,blue,white and black 01/24/2010: White and Black are NOT primary colors. White is absent of color; none of the primary colors exist in White. You need primary colors to make other colors. If you were to mix together the 3 primary colors of red, yellow, and blue; don't be surprised when you see the result is Black. Black is all colors added and thus a made-color and combination of all colors.

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There is not a pure black in nature, it is a man made color. In nature black is a mix of all the primary colors. This is what I was told in a college oil painting class. I hope this helps Jeff

Witch are the primary colors? & black