Who is Bill Reid?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bill Reid is a Haida artist that sculpts figures.

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Q: Who is Bill Reid?
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Who was bill reid?

Bill Reid was an artist who made jewerly. He also did sculptures and paintings.

When was Bill Reid - American football - born?

Bill Reid - American football - was born on 1878-10-25.

When did Bill Reid - American football - die?

Bill Reid - American football - died on 1976-09-28.

Is bill reid dead?

Yes he died in 1998.

When did bill reid die?

March 13th, 1998

How did bill reid die?

he died becuase of age

Why does the work of haida artist bill reid appear on the bill?

because he is awesome it is me yo

Who can bring a bill to the floor for discussion in Congress?

Harry Reid

Where was Bill Reid born?

BillReidwas born in Victoria b.c.

What is the birth name of Bill Eadie?

Bill Eadie's birth name is William Reid Eadie.

What does the work of Haida artist Bill Reid appear on the back of Canada's twenty dollars bill?


Who was the artist of the 11000 lb sculpture the black canoe?

Bill Reid