Who is French painter E Gallois?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1882-1965 french painter

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Q: Who is French painter E Gallois?
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Is Ireland's nationality Gallois in French?

No. Gallois means Welsh, the nationality of Wales. Irlandais is Irish in French.

How do you say in french i speak welsh?

in french you would say je parle gallois

How do you say welsh in french?

Le gallois (from Pays de Galles meaning Wales).

How do you spell Welsh in french?

Welsh is translated "gallois" in French.

What does ll est gallois mean in French?

il est gallois means "he's Welsh" in French. "Le Pays de Galles" is the French name for Wales.

What is Louis Gallois' nationality?

Nationality: French.

How do you pronounce 'Welsh' in French?

Some French words for Welsh:i.e. gallois, galloise(pronounced galwa, galwaz):as an adjective, meaning 'Welsh'as a noun, gallois, meaning Welshman; galloise, 'Welsh woman'as a national collective noun, Les Gallois, meaning 'the Welsh people'masculine noun: gallois, meaning 'the Welsh language'.

How do you say paint in french?

The word painting in french would be peinture.

What has the author Le Gallois written?

Le Gallois is actually the French version of the name "Galloway." It is not associated with any specific author.

When was Louis Gallois born?

Louis Gallois was born in 1944.

When was Jean Gallois born?

Jean Gallois was born in 1632.

When did Jean Gallois die?

Jean Gallois died in 1707.